About us


Our humidifiers/atomizers are made of high-quality industrial materials - stainless steel and High-Quality Engineering Plastic - with multi-fold filter which make it non-corrosive.

Each part is tested on the latest industrial testing equipment prior to assembly. This assures that our clients get hassle-free and consistent performance for years.

Our motors are uniquely and scientifically designed for continuous working to reduce high power bills.

Working on the principle of centrifugal atomization, our products make droplet-free aerosol/mist which prevents rusting of machinery. Thus no water is wasted and humidity in the products is improvised for better quality, performance, durability & strength. Also it can help to maintain the humidity in closed AC rooms especially in Hot and Dry areas.

The proof of our quality and expertise lies in the fact that each product made by Amoto continues to function flawlessly, with minimal maintenance, for years together. Not surprisingly, each client of ours is satisfied and looks no further for their needs.

We have won the trust of their clients through its commitment to quality and precision. That’s why our clients still choose products by AMOTO for nearly three decades.