About us


Amoto Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is conveniently located in the center of Mumbai and boasts of infrastructure comprising over 2000 sq. ft. to house its production area and store room.

We use only high quality industrial raw materials to make parts with the best quality engineering plastic, stainless steel 304 grade, aluminium LM6 grade, copper BIC H class. This ensures that only the best quality products reach the client.

All plastic parts are moulded in special dies & Metal parts and are manufactured as per design interchange ability concept for easy replacement (Plug & Play Concept) - and can be changed by anyone in the manufacturing set up.

All aluminium parts are cast with die castings to get the specified shape.

All cutting, welding, grinding and filing work is done with top-of-the-line industrial equipment. This guarantees 100% quality assurance and maintenance-free products.

Metal parts are painted or coated with special powder-coating process to prevent rusting and thereby ensure long life. Many of our customers have been using the same units for long durations. This minimizes losses due to down time and consequently enhances profitability.

All parts are assembled on the line with utmost care and the ready unit goes for testing.
Each unit is properly cleaned and then packed in a special thermocol packing set to prevent damage during transit.

We follow rigorous quality checks to comply all units are going through our testing bed to ensure:






Air Flow


Energy Saving



Most of our 20+ brilliant employees in their respective divisions have been with Amoto since its inception. This loyal, dedicated and experienced workforce ensures that makes Amoto has consistently grown in its endeavour to deliver the best quality humidifiers/atomizers of international repute for almost three decades.